Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Day 8 - The Cord Stump

Todays Tip - Clean your baby's cord stump twice a day with rubbing alcohol

It's black. It's ugly. You hate to touch it. But first time parents have to get over their squeamishness to take care of it correctly. Keep it dry. Keep it uncovered. Don't bathe your baby in standing water, and limit tummy time until it falls off, which should be after a week or two. Don't be afraid to rub the alcohol around the area where cord stump meets skin, if your baby cries its more than likely from the cool sting of the rubbing alocohol.

Warning signs of an infected cord stump include yellow or green pus around the base of the cord stump, red, irritated belly button skin, an odor coming off the cord stump. If any of these occur, call your pediatrician or hospital immediately. Infections can get really nasty, really fast. You may notice some reddish brown pus in his diaper around the time it is ready to fall off. As long as its not excessive, you don't need to rush to the hospital. Just place a call to your pediatrician or hospital to make sure and for your own peace of mind.

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