Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 146 - Mirror Mirror

Today's Tip - Put your baby in front of a mirror for hours and hours of fun

My son just got to the stage where he's amused by the sight of his own reflection in the mirror. We just hold him up there and he smiles and smiles and just yesterday he really started laughing for the first time ever. It was very cute. And now every once and awhile when he's on his play mat and I happen to be looking in another direction, I'll hear him laugh. I look back and, sure enough, he's caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the playmat.

Babies won't understand that its them in the mirror until much later on, in the 18 month neighborhood, but they find the new playmate in the mirror that always smiles back at them and imitates their movements great fun. Try it out with your baby and see what kind of reaction you get.

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