Thursday, March 15, 2007

Now for Sale: Infant Edition: How to Survive the First Year

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Buy it today for $9.99!

Wish your baby came with a manual? Here it is. A day-by-day guide to surviving the craziest year of your life - your first child's first year.

You can learn from our hands on experience of being first-time parents. It's the next best thing to going on a dry run at having a baby.

From day 1 to day 365, you'll find answers to real questions that you thought there wasn't an answer to or were afraid to ask:

  • How do you eliminate a nighttime feeding

  • What should you do if your baby has a fever?

  • How do you raise a smart baby?

  • Should you breastfeed when you're sick?

  • What should you be feeding your baby as they grow?

  • What do you do with a picky eater?

  • How do you help your baby sleep through the night?

  • What are the symptoms and remedies to common sicknesses like ear infections, the flu, pneumonia?

  • Is it O.K. to switch brands of baby formula?

  • Plus the answers to many, many more typical parenting questions

You'll find the answers to all these and more, based off my experience, inside.

You can read a tip every day and discover something new as your baby grows, or you can read them all while you're waiting for junior to arrive.

Makes a great gift for moms and dads expecting for the first time!

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