Thursday, March 02, 2006

Day 10 - Day Care

Today's Tip - Make your plans for child care as early as possible

If you plan on sending your child to some form of day care, you should figure out the specifics early on so that you don't find yourself in a bind later. Some child care facilities won't take infants, some will fill up and not have openings, and the one you want may cost more than you budgeted for. Look into all these things before you even have the baby and you'll be well prepared to go back to work when you want, and on your terms.

Questions parents should ask when choosing child care -
-Late pick-up/drop-off policy
-Are parents allowed to visit during the day
-Are they sensitive to breastfeeding parents
-What holidays are they closed? Do they have alternative arrangements for those days
-What's their policy on sick children
-How are children grouped? By age?
-Is diversity encouraged?
-Are developmental and social needs looked after?
-How many children per caregiver?
-Are they licensed child care providers?
-Are they sensitive to seperation anxiety of children and parents?

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