Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 37 - More College Savings Tips

Today's Tip - Sign up for uPromise before your baby is even born

Free money is an excellent thing. If you sign up for uPromise, you get exactly that. Basically, it works like a cash back program on your credit card. You make purchases, and then those companies kick back a percentage of the price you paid into your uPromise account. Just put in your credit card, grocery cards and sign up for the Citi uPromise card on the site. Do all your online shopping there. Family and friends can get in on the act. Little by little, over a twenty year period, it'll add up.

It's easy, you only have to sign up once. And you just have to keep using your credit card and grocery cards normally for it to work. They've also got some nice options for investing what you save on uPromise into a 529 plan.

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