Monday, May 29, 2006

Day 98 - Heat Wave

Today's Tip - Keep your house around 72 at night during the summer to keep your baby from overheating

Michigan summers are hot and sticky...we were reminded of this over Memorial Day weekend when temps got up into the 90s. Since our house has plaster walls, lots of windows on the west side and no air conditioning, it gets pretty toasty upstairs in the evening, and its pretty much impossible to cool it off.

Not good nes for the baby. Overheating is one of the probable causes of SIDS, so we were faced with a dillema. Here are some ideas for keeping your kid cool in a hot house.

  • Set the A/C for 72F. (For those of us lucky enough to have it)
  • Have a fan circulate the air in the baby's room
  • Let your baby sleep in just his diaper
  • Move the crib to a cooler room in the house, like the basement
  • Stay at a friends with air conditioning
  • Don't use any blankets
  • Use sheets made of a thin, flame retardant material

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