Friday, May 26, 2006

Day 95 - Say My Name

Today's Tip - Say your baby's name rather than "you" when you talk to him

Baby's start to develop a sense of self around 4-8 months, and chances are they'll start to recognize their own name and respond to it before they begin to understand the concept of "you". So whenever you're doing your running commentary or talking with your baby (and you should be doing it lots by this point) try to inject their name in the conversation as much as possible. You may feel silly doing it, but chances are you'll be helping his development.

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Anonymous Rachel said...

say your baby's name...very helpful. I forgot about how this is such a great idea..My mother told me to do this when Codi was around a month and a half he started to turn in the direction of his name..

8:22 PM  

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