Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 150 - First Aid

Today's Tip - Take a first aid class designed to teach you about infant to 8 years old

It's something you hope you never have to deal with. But if you ever are in an emergency with your child, you're either going to fall into one of two groups. Glad you spent the sixty bucks to save your kids' life, or regretting not spending the two hours and sixty bucks.

There should be plent of classes in your area, through the red cross, YMCA, or even a local hospital. You'll learn everything from how to help a choking infant, to burn first aid, to poison treatment, you name it. Classes can run anywhere from forty to eighty bucks, but its worth it.

And you can use that knowledge to teach your child basic first aid in case their friends get into trouble or if they themselves get hurt. And most kids do get hurt at some point in their lives, it's inevitable.

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