Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day 167 - Enjoy it While it Lasts

Today's First Time Parenting Tip - Take some time to enjoy 'em while they're young

It's wierd to think that as we hold out son tonight, sprawled out across our lap, happily sucking away at a bottle, that someday in the not too distant future he'll be a walking, talking, into everything-because-I-can toddler. It won't be too long before we can't hold him like this anymore, or have him just fall asleep on our chest with his arms wrapped around our neck.

It seems like we too easily get caught up in the daily activities, the feeding, changing, napping cycle, and we don't really take the time to appreciate his royal infantness. How he always grins from ear to ear whenever we come home, or when the dog saunters by. How he gets so excited over bouncing on the bed or seeing himself in the mirror.

I know we'll miss it, and I know this time is getting near an end. So for all you new parents just bringing home your babies, yes, it is stressful. It's tough. But it won't be too long and you'll be looking back on that time fondly, wishing you'd wake up at 2:00 a.m. to comfort him and just stare into each other's eyes until you fell asleep. Enjoy every second of it.

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