Saturday, September 16, 2006

Day 208 - Feel the Noise

Today's first time parenting tip - Try making wierd, loud noises around your baby and see what they do

This is going to sound completely random, but I stumbled across a way to make my seven month old son laugh over and over again. We had him outside, sitting in the grass since summer is almost over.

I picked a blade of grass, put it between my thumbs and blew to get that high-pitched, wierd sounding whistle. I'll be honest, I was doing it more for my amusement than my son's.

He loved it. He laughed and laughed and then started ripping up the lawn because he was so excited. We passed about a half hour doing that. He also loves it when my wife and I make quacking, oinking and monkey noises at him.

To anyone who's not a parent, we probably seem off our rockers. But to see the smile on his face and hear his laugh, I'll take the criticism.

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