Thursday, September 07, 2006

Day 199 - Just for you

Today's first time parenting tip - Make some nights completely about the two of you

Tonight was our three-year-anniversary. We didn't really have any plans, just maybe going out to dinner. We didn't have a baby sitter, so we would have been dealing with a grabby baby, probably fussy, and tired and cranky on the way back home.

But since my wife didn't get out of work until late, we ended up staying in since it was our son's bedtime and we couldn't very well take off with him home alone. So we got some take out, lit some candles and ate at the dinner table, just the two of us.

It made us realize how nice it was to just be able to relax and enjoy a nice dinner. So make sure to take time to find a baby sitter, or even just enjoy each other's company when you don't have to worry about the baby. It'll do wonders for your relationship.

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