Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day 275 - Shoeless

Today's first time parenting tip - Take shoes off your baby while they are learning to walk.

Baby shoes could possibly be everyone's favorite part of a baby's outfit. Everyone oohs and ahhs over how small they are, how feet could possibly be so tiny, etc. etc.

But putting shoes on your baby while they're learning to walk can make it harder for them to get the hang of taking steps.

Usually, shoes have rubber soles that have no slip or give. That means that an unstable baby who may be shuffling his feet or sliding them around won't have that necessary give he needs to stay up. And that means he's going to bite the dust.

Shoes can also be big and clunky on your baby's feet, making it easier for them to trip themselves up.

So if your infant is walking around inside or doesn't need to be wearing shoes for appearances, make sure you take them off as often as possible. An alternative would be to opt for shoes with a leather sole, so they've got a little slip to them and won't trip up your baby.

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