Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 268 - How to Treat a Rug Burn

Today's first time parenting tip - Keep a rug burn dry, clean and give it air to speed healing

Your baby's been crawling around for hours without pants. He's been climbing up and down carpeted stairs with grandpa. Your other kids dragged your young one across some carpet while they were playing.

You pick them up and yipes! they've got rug burns. What do you do?

Rug burns are minor, of the first degree variety. The best thing you can do for a rug burn, or any 1st degree burn, is the following:

  • Cool it - Rinse the area with cool water for five minutes

  • Dry it - Gently pat the area dry with a piece of gauze or cotton

  • Watch it - Keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't blister or get worse.

  • Try to keep the burned area from getting rubbed or touched - all it will do is agitate

  • Baby or children's pain reliever may be appropriate if there is pain.

  • Creams, butter, grease or powder should NOT be used on the burn. Instead, aloe vera lotion is perfectly appropriate.

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