Sunday, November 26, 2006

Day 279 - Falling down is no big deal

Today's first time parenting tip - Treat falling down like no big deal (unless they're really hurt)

Some babies handle adversity really well. They're the ones that are always into everything, constantly getting knocked in the head and falling over themselves as they tear around with their new found motions. Some start wailing at the smallest little things.

When your baby starts to walk, the latter kind of baby can be even more frustrating to handle. Every time they fall, even if it's three inches onto their butt, you'll need to pick them up to console them. To a certain degree, some parents cultivate this behavior by making a huge deal out of the slightest little thing.

Sometimes, the baby isn't hurt, they start crying because it seems to be expected of them and the parents are making a big fuss out of something small.

If you think you fall into that category, try making the harmless falls and slight knocks into something fun. Saying "Uh-oh!" and raising your hands as if to say "What happened?" should become your replacement reaction.

After a while, they'll start to imitate you! Our son cried when he dropped something and couldn't get it back, but we adopted the "Uh-oh!" tactic and now he says it all the time! When he falls down, drops something and even a few times when he's just saying it for fun.

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