Friday, January 05, 2007

Day 319 - Get Out on the Town with Your Partner

Today's first time parenting tip - Drop your baby off at a babysitter and do something you would have done before your married

Today at work we were talking about plans for Valentines Day, and one of the guys was making a big dinner with his fiance. Oysters, wine, steamed crab, the works.

Every single one of the married people there said "Ahh. Life without kids."

You don't have to sigh every time a young couple you know does something special. You can do it too. Make some time every month, or every other month at the least, for you and your partner to do something you could never do with the kids around. Go to a movie that's not animated. Spend three hours cooking together at home. Go on a day hike outside. Go to a spa.

The possibilities are endless. Chances are, you did things together as a couple before your had your baby. If you haven't done them in awhile, get back out there. Just because you have kids doesn't mean you should be relegated to spending every Friday night at home eating leftover pizza and watching Bob the Builder for the tenth time that day.

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