Thursday, December 28, 2006

Day 311 - How to Keep Your Baby Out of the Cupboards

Today's first time parenting tip - Keep one of your kitchen cupboards reserved for your baby to play in.

Once you've baby-proofed the whole house, to your baby it may no longer seem like a fun place to play. They might get frustrated and all the more determined to get back the cabinet locks you've put on all the cupboards in the kitchen. What's more, if you're working in the kitchen and they are in there too, they may demand to be in your arms where the action is, which makes it very hard for you to get things done.

So instead of locking all the cabinets, leave one open. Fill it with your plastic tupperware or mixing bowls. That way your baby will feel like he's got his own area, and he's got something fun to do in the kitchen. Our son loves opening the cabinet and pulling out the plastic pitcher and tupperware we've got in there.

When you do this, make sure they can't get to any other cupboards from the inside. Likewise, make sure there aren't any nails or sharp things in there either. You have to remember that they may crawl right in there from time to time.

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