Saturday, March 04, 2006

Day 12 - The Cord Stump - Revisted

Today's Tip - Don't cut or pull the cord stump matter what!

Congratulations! Your infants cord stump just fell off. Scrapbook it and save it for when he's 18.

But before that, make sure you don't preempt the moment by pulling the stump off, no matter how ready you think it is. Our baby's stump was hanging by the thread of all threads today, but we still didn't cut or pull it off because we didn't want to risk infection or a blood flow we couldn't handle. Check out my previous post on cord stump care

If this happens to you, clean your child's belly button with rubbing alcohol, and then put him in a shirt that let's the stump, belly button and connecting thread dry. It should fall off in a day. If it hangs for more than two weeks, or if it's attached past 6 weeks, you should call your pediatrician.

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