Thursday, April 20, 2006

Day 59 - Can you do this?

Today's Tip - Track your baby's milestones to make sure they're developing correctly

Its important to make sure that your infant doesn't have any developmental problems, but if he or she seems slow in one area, don't worry about it too much unless they're way behind or your pediatrician seems concerned. Everyone loves to compare their accomplishments to others, but the fact is some babies are fast in verbal development, but slow in the physical department, or vice versa. If you're worried about it, ask your pediatrician. At two months old, your infant should be able to:

  • Smile in response to your smile

  • Follow an object in an arc about 6 inches above the face to the midline (straight ahead)

  • Respond to a bell or sound by startling, crying or quieting

  • Vocalize in ways other than crying

Probably will be able to:

  • Lift head 45 degrees on their stomach

  • Follow an object in an arc 6 inches above their face past the midline (straight ahead)

They might also be able to hold their head steady, push themselves up, roll over, grasp a rattle, pay attention to a small object, reach for an object, say a vowel consonant combination, smile spontaneously, bring both hands together, life head 90 degrees, laugh out loud, squeal in delight, follow an object from one side of the face to the other.

Taken from What to Expect the First Year

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some other additional milestones for your baby can be found here:

Lack of some of them might be an early sign of autism as well.

8:07 PM  

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