Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Day 65 - Bad Sleep Habits

Today's Tip - Put your baby down when he's still awake to foster good sleep habits

It sounds nearly impossible if you have a baby that screams his head off when you put him down to bed without him being asleep already, but if you don't train them now, you're setting yourself up for a difficult time later. If you can avoid it, don't put them to sleep in the car, in your arms, while nursing, etc. Put them down, if they scream, let them cry it out for a few minutes, return to calm them down and assure them everything is ok. Put them back down still awake, and repeat. It may take a bit, but it'll be ten times easier now than it will be later.

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Blogger Flo said...

hi great site. The main trick about getting your baby to sleep is to gradually remove sensitive triggers (i.e. bodily contact) that will wake him or will stress him out when they are suddenly removed. For example, start by avoiding eye contact. Then just stroke his belly, all the while saying, "go to sleep now, mommy's going downstairs, go to sleep". Then minimize even that contact and keep saying the same thing until you're at the door and closing the door. Your baby should be well on the way to sleep by then!

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