Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 104 -

Today's Tip - Don't be afraid to ask for help

Most people I know have a thing about asking for help. It's probably human nature or something deep seeded like that. But when it comes to raising a baby, you're going to need help at one point. And you should never be afraid to ask, especially when you're asking family.

We're lucky enough to have great parents who adore our son. We're in a bit of a pickle this Friday, our day care has an "in-service" day, and both of us have to work. Rather than one of us having to take the day off, my wife's mother is driving a couple hours to come down and watch the baby for the day. And, so we wouldn't have to pay $200 a week in day care costs, my mother practically begged us to let her drive two hours every week and stay with us two days to watch him. Grandparents love their grand kids, and chances are they'd love to help out any way they can. As long as you're comfortable with it and they're not intruding on your parenting style or your personal space, there's no harm in letting them do it.

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