Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Day 106 - Taking Temperature

Today's tip - Take a rectal temperature to get the most accurate reading

While my son has an ear infection, we're checking his temp often to make sure he doesn't get too hot, and so we know when we can send him back into day care. We're checking it orally and under the arm, but the readings seemed a little inconsistent. Plus all the documentation I've seen for "normal" ranges is calibrated for the rectal temperature. To take it:

  • Use a digital thermometer that is designed to take a rectal temperature
  • Put some vaseline on the end of the thermometer
  • Insert the thermometer a half inch into the rectum
  • Wait for the thermometer to beep
  • Read the temperature. Usually, a range of 97-100 F is good
  • Clean the thermometer with a little soap and water

If you still want to check orally and under the arm, keep in mind that you'll need to alter the number a little bit. Add a degree to the oral temperature, and add two degrees to the under the arm temp.

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