Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Day 169 - It's the Instructor, Stupid

Today's First Time Parenting Tip - If your first aid class doesn't have a good instructor, complain

About a week ago I blogged about how our first aid class wasn't that great, I was questioning it's worth, I was still worried that I'd be equipped to help my son or another child in an emergency.

This week was a complete 180...someone from the class last week complained and asked for their money back from the Red Cross. Not only did they refund her money (she didn't show up for the second session), they gave the rest of us another instructor to help the one we had last week. What a difference!

The new instructor was friendly, knowledgeable (she had first aid, EMT and sports injury background), and she engaged all of us and covered more material than our previous instructor had. I felt bad for him, since he played the part of trainee rather than lead, but I hope it was a good learning experience for him and the next classes he teaches benefit from him.

But, even though I felt bad, I was glad the new person came in. After all, these skills are about saving someone's life. Pre-school teachers and day care employees take these classes to protect the children they look after. Far too high a stakes to hold your tongue if you don't feel you're getting adequate instruction. So don't be afraid to make a stink...the Red Cross completely redeemed themselve in my book. Plus, it just might save a life someday.

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