Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dy 184 - Allergic Reaction

Today's first time parenting tip - That cough, sniffle and tired look could be allergies.

Our son had a little nagging cough that wouldn't go away, and right around the time of his six month appointment, he got bad circles under his eyes and he was a little stuffy. We thought for sure he was sick or had a cold, but we thought it was wierd that he wasn't in a bad mood, was eating normally and didn't have a fever.

Our pediatrician thought it was probably allergies, and she perscribed Claritin, which we have yet to give him. We didn't really like how Claritin makes him drowsy, and if he's not at risk from another disease and its not keeping him from being healthy, we didn't want to give him drugs just for the sake of giving him drugs. But that's just us I guess.

Pay attention to all the symptoms your baby has. If you notice something out of the ordinary, try to think what's changed. Did you just get a pet? Is it allergy season? Was he exposed to a new food? Was there someone sick at day care. Usually you can track down the source of the symptoms by doing some simple detective work, and that'll help the pediatrician diagnose your baby as well.

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