Sunday, August 13, 2006

Day 174 - Thy Cup Overfloweth

Today's First Time Parenting Tip - Introduce a cup earlier rather than later

No matter when you start teaching your baby to drink out of a cup, eventually they will get all their fluids from one. Starting early is easier rather than later, because your baby is still infinitely open to teaching at this point. Older, and they may fuss and refuse to go after it.

A good age to introduce it is around the time they start being able to sit unsupported. That way gagging is less of an issue.

Start by putting a little breastmilk or formula in a un-breakable, baby-safe cup. You don't want them to get too much once they do have success and gag on the contents. If your baby has trouble grabbing on or doesn't seem interested, try a different kind of cup. Some cups have one handle, two handles, or none. Some have a spout that'll protect you from spills, but others don't have any.

Like starting solid foods, resign yourself to the fact that this is not going to be a clean affair. Even if you have a spouted lid on the cup, there will be some spilling. If your baby is grabby and all they want to do is take the cup and do it themselves, let them. The learning process will probably be a mixture of you helping 100%, sharing the effort and also them going it alone.

If your baby turns his head or acts like she doesn't want the cup, don't force the issue. And if you've tried every cup on the face of the earth and some different liquids like water, formula or breast milk, and your baby still doesn't want it, give it a rest for a month or so. Then start anew, with the same excitement and fervor you started with. Another tip for getting a fussy cup learner to pick it up is to offer it as a toy for them to play with.

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