Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day 176 - It's a Dry Heat

Today's First Time Parenting Tip - Try treating a cough with a humidifier

Instead of reaching right for the infant cough suppressant or nasal decongestant, try turning on the humidifier instead. During the winter and even during the summer in dry areas, dry air aggravates respiratory problems if the air doesn't have enough moisture in it.

So if your baby is constantly stuffed up or has a nagging cough, the problem could be air that's too dry in your house. You can get whole house humidifiers or ones that'll do a single room to help control the humidity of your house.

And there's also some energy savings in store for you during the winter months too. We're all too painfully aware that humid air during the summer is unbearable. But during the winter, it'll let you keep the thermostat a little bit lower and you'll still be comfortable.

If problems are nagging, you also want to make sure that the problems aren't more serious, like pneumonia or asthma. Give your pediatrician a call if there's a fever or other more serious symptoms, or if the cough and stuffy nose don't go away with treatment.

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