Sunday, September 17, 2006

Day 209 - Let it Be

Today's first time parenting tip - If your baby is content, leave them alone!

My wife seems to have a natural tendency to want to fuss with things. Always looking for something better to do, turning up the heat in the car only to turn it down ten seconds later, changing the volume on a movie ten times, you get the picture.

I seem to be just as guilty when it comes to our son. He could be happily playing on the floor, and I'll swoop in to make lots of funny noises and toss him around and generally disrupt any equilibrium he may have acheived.

If your baby is happy, don't try to improve his mood. He's there already. Let him explore things on his own, and if he's content to just sit in your arms and start out the window, don't shake a stuffed monkey in his face. He'll be happier, longer, and maybe he won't grow up to be a constant fidgeter.

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