Monday, September 18, 2006

Day 210 - Baby Gates

Today's first time parenting tip - Install baby gates at the top and bottom of staircases

No matter how close an eye you think you can keep on your little one, they'll find a way to slip under the radar when you least expect it. Unfortunately, if they find a stairwell, it can have very bad consequences.

Some people just install a gate at the tops of stairways and call it good. But, if your baby or toddle figures out how to climb stairs, often they don't know how to get back down, or they could slip back on the way up.

Put a gate two or three steps up from the bottom of the stairs as well. That way, they can get practice climbing and learn how to traverse stairs safely, but if they happen to slip or can't get back down they won't seriously hurt themselves. And remember, just shutting doors at the tops of stairs might not be enough. If the latch slips they could tumble down, they could figure out how to turn the knob themselves, or you could forget. It only takes once. Do the smart thing and buy multiple baby gates. When you're done, you can pass them on to another parent who needs them.

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