Friday, September 29, 2006

Day 221 - Sugar or No Sugar

Today's first time parenting poll - Do you give your baby "desserts" (baby food or otherwise) or do you not introduced sweets for as long as possible?

Just wanted to get other parents feedback on when they start giving children treats like chocolate, cake or what-have-you. Gerber makes various "desserts" like Hawaiian Delight and Apple Cobbler, and I've seen some parents giving their one-year old Faygo pop.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we waited to one year to give JD sweets. before that i'd give him some type of fruit for dessert and tried to make sure he got fruit at least 2x's a day. now he gets sweets if it is a special occasion or if mom/ dad has something and he wants to try what we are eating. luckily i can give him other yummy food instead. bread instead of a cookie. dad wants to give him sweetws and the mommy doesn't!

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