Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 211 - Slow and Steady Questions

Today's first time parenting tip - When reading to your baby, slowly point things out and let him do some reading too

Hopefully you're reading to your baby every day, with at least one story being repeated. You can make that reading time even more valuable by letting him join in on the fun.

My son's favorite story is "Zebra's Stripes", a story about a Zebra and his friends playing games. There are lots of animals and bright colors on it. No matter how fussy he is, if we sit him down and crack open that book he's enamoured.

To help him learn, build his memory and learn hand-eye coordination, I ask him to find animals for me on every page. And in addition to reading the words, I physically point out each animal and say its name a few times for good measure.

Be sure to do it slowly and put lots of ephasis on the thing you're pointing at. Sometimes he's distracted by the oh-so-entertaining dog and misses me pointing out the hyena for the fifth time. Sometimes I take his hand and help him point to the right animal.

If you've never tried asking your baby to identify something in a book, you should. You just might be surprised when you ask him where the zebra is and he excitedly slaps his hand on it and looks at you with a grin.

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