Saturday, September 23, 2006

Day 215 - Strings and things

Today's first time parenting tip - Stay away from toys with long pieces of cloth or string

Most toys today are made with shorter, more pliable strings or ropes, like pull toys for instance. Some older ones aren't nearly so kid friendly, with strings or pieces of cloth that can get up to two or three feet in length.

This is a problem for any active baby because they could roll around and end up strangling themselves with the cord. And things like this aren't easy to unwind either. They'll get tangled and impossible to unwind, and nearly unbreakable too. And when your baby's airway is cut off, you're not exactly going to be in the calmest of moods.

Look for toys with shorter strings or cords on them, so that there's very little chance they can get tangled up in it. And if you've got a toy with a long string, trim it back to a decent length before letting your baby play with it.

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