Saturday, September 30, 2006

Day 222 - Hard surfaces

Today's first time parenting tip - Get some rugs or blankets to put down on hardwood floors

Your baby is pulling up onto his knees, pushing way up on his arms, cruising along furniture, jumping around in his exersaucer...he's becoming quite an active baby probably.

You're going to notice a sharp increase in the number of knocks to the head he takes. Either falling over from crawling, crawling or walking into walls, and sometimes even just dropping his head right into the floor.

Most of them will be harmless, nothing worth even crying over. In fact, if you don't act upset when you hear him bump his head, he probably won't even notice. But if you have all hardwood floors, he could hurt himself, even falling over from a sitting position.

It's a good idea to cover the corners of walls he might run into with corner guards or foam to protect him. And another good idea is to put down a cheap rug or even a thick blanket. It's just one more layer of padding to protect that little noggin of his and make the process of learning to be upright a little bit safer.

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