Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Day 253 - Staying Safe During Christmas

Today's first time parenting tip - Even though baby's first Christmas is fast approaching, go slow with the tree, lights and ribbon.

Santa definitely did not make Christmas a safe holiday for the little ones he visits with presents and "Ho ho hos." And you thought it was unsafe to be around Uncle Joe after a few glasses of egg nog - you don't have to look any further than your own house or apartment to find many dangers you need to watch out for as you prepare for the holiday season.

If you're in the northern hemisphere, things can get mighty chilly around winter time. Dress your baby in at least one layer of pants and a shirt. Then, make sure you slap on a jacket, boots or shoes, gloves and a hat that'll cover his ears. A blanket over the face could be in order too. Can you tell it's been 9 degrees in Chicago lately?

Christmas Tree
Bah...humbug! It can fall over on him. The needles are sharp. He can still choke on the plastic ones. Put your tree in a separate room, somewhere he can't absolutely get at it, or don't get one. OK, maybe that's too much, but just be careful.

This one goes without saying, but the only thing worse than electrical cords are electrical cords with lots of tiny glass things that attract attention by lighting up or blinking. You'd do well to keep these well out of reach too.

If you put them up, he'll break the one dearest to your heart. Murphy's law. Go for cloth ornaments, one's that won't break and don't have small parts. Or if you've got a tree that he can't get at, decorate as normal.

Ribbon and garland
Both are a choking hazard. If he does get wrapped up, you'll be too panic stricken to get it unwound. Best to not let him play with it.

Holiday Candy
Hard candies that he can't chew are big no nos for babies. Opt for softer fare instead.

It's a special time, so be sure to enjoy it. Laugh, spend time with family take him to see Santa, enjoy watching him open his first presents, etc. Just be sure to do it safely.

Anyone else got something I've missed?

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