Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 245 - Cheerios - the greatest invention ever

Today's first time parenting tip - Starting your baby on cheerios for snacks and cereals is a choice you can't go wrong with

They're whole grain. They're easily picked up. They get soft quickly. Babies like the taste. And they're easy to pack along and take anywhere for a snack.

Cheerios may very well be the best invention for eight month olds, ever.

My wife and I need to get ready in the morning? Set him up in eyesight, give him some of those O's and he's good to go?

Fussy on the El? Nothing puts him in a good mood like picking up his own Cheerios as he watches the buildings go by.

Need something nutritious for breakfast when he just doesn't want that mashed up single grain cereal? Cheerios it is.

We could all do better by eating a bowl.

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