Sunday, October 29, 2006

Day 251 - Get in the Habit - Separation Anxiety

Today's first time parenting tip - Say goodbye every time you leave.

Part 4 of the Good Habit series - Separation Anxiety

Alright, the onus is on you, dear parents. (Not that it wasn't already). Whether you're leaving your child at daycare or dropping them off with a family member, or even passing him around at the holiday gathering, you'll probably have to deal with separation anxiety in some form or another.

That's why today's assignment lies with you. Say goodbye every time you leave your baby. You'll help develop a routine, something he can count on. He knows that when you say goodbye, it means you'll be coming back later. It helps mitigate feelings of abandonment or lack of attention.

It also helps him learn imitation. You wave to him, he waves back. Soon enough, saying goodbye might become a fun game. Until then, help your baby with separation by saying goodbye once, reassuring him, and then leaving and letting him focus on his new environment. Coming back over and over again may only make it worse.

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