Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 255 - Let the Phases Begin

Today's first time parenting tip - Be as adaptable as your baby is as he goes through phases

"'s just a phase."

Famous last words, often said by someone who doesn't have to deal with the radically different behavior day in, day out. And usually swings in behavior are just phases that your baby will work through.

Here are some tips for getting through changing behavior:

  • Don't get frustrated - Easier said than done. But keeping an even keel and giving your child freedom to explore who he is (as long as its not destructive) is healthy. This is especially hard when you feel like you've just got pne phase handled and under control, and all of a sudden that all goes out the window.

  • Encourage exploration by supporting new interests and behaviors. My son now refuses baby food, doesn't like to hold still, and fusses when something is taken away. So we make sure there's lots available for him to do, and if he fusses when we pull him away from electrical plugs, we quickly fill his need to do something by playing with something else.

  • Encourage exploration...within reason - Of course, limits need to be set. But try to work with your child as much as possible, and begin to forge compromises. You'll not only be teaching them its OK to be different, but also how to compromise.

  • Don't expect your baby to be just like you or behave like an adult - Babies are babies and kids are kids. We all frustrated our parents once.

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