Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 282 - Lighten Up

Today's first time parenting tip - Don't forget to have fun with your baby

The past few posts I've written have been advice geared towards doing the "right" thing with your baby. As my wife just pointed out to me, it makes it sound as if parenting is a no fun, do it by the book deal.

But of course it's not! There are tons of books, videos, blogs (this one included) that offer advice on what you should or shouldn't do for your baby. Don't get so caught up in it.

Throw out the rules every once and a while and just have fun with your baby. Today, I saw huge, tall hill with snow on it and no trees. My first thought was, "That's an awesome sledding hill." My second thought was "I want to take my son sledding."

Is sledding the safest activity in the world? No, probably not. You could argue that it's not safe for adults to do either. (When I was a kid we'd specifically sled down hills with trees on them. To an eleven-year-old, this was fun for some reason.) Will I take him?

Absolutely. I think he'd have a blast. We'll get him all bundled up, hop on the sled with him and take off down the hill. I'm confident enough in my sledding ability that I can stop us or bail out safely if we need to.

So take a moment, and do something fun with your baby today. Forget whether or not you're a good parent or not and just make them laugh.

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