Sunday, December 03, 2006

Day 286 - Trick for Getting Your Baby to Eat

Today's first time parenting tip - Feed your baby off your plate, or eat off theirs

Here's a quick tip if you're struggling to get your baby to eat food rather than play with it.

I've found our son sometimes doesn't want what's on his plate, but he'll scarf it down if he thinks it came from our plate. Or, he'll be more interested in what's for dinner right in front of him if he sees us eating it as well.

Try putting some of his food on your plate and eat a little bit of it. If he leans over or wants to grab at it, try feeding it to him. My wife had a salad and he ate nearly half of it.

Other times he thinks that fruit or cheerios are things to mash around and throw on the ground. If I start eating pieces off his highchair tray, he'll pick up a couple pieces and start eating. It only takes a few tastes of the things he likes to get him started, after that he's all about feeding himself.

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