Saturday, December 23, 2006

Day 306 - Let Your Baby Take the Wheel

Today's first time parenting tip - Let your baby interact with the world as much as possible

As your baby gets older, he's going to want to do more and more of the things you do. While you might be in a rush to go and get on your way, you should slow down and let your infant try to do the things you do.

You may get things done faster and more correctly, but making mistakes and trying new things is a huge part of the learning process.

Whenever we leave the apartment, we let our son hit the "down" button on the elevator. Then, when we get inside, let him hit the "close" button (if we let him he'd hit all the buttons). Sometimes he gets it, sometimes he has to try a couple times, but he loves doing it. And we can use the numbers and directions of the elevator for more learning.

Today on the bus, rather than holding him or keeping him in his stroller, I let him sit on the seat next to me, just like a big kid. He had a ton of fun looking out the window and hanging on for dear life as the bus stopped, started and turned.

What can you do to let your infant experience the world today?

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