Saturday, December 16, 2006

Day 299 - How to Keep Your Baby Interested

Today's first time parenting tip - Rotate the toys your baby plays with to keep them interested.

I knew my son was getting bored with the toys he was playing with when he'd refuse to pick them up and instead tried to play with the computer, push over the boxes holding our clothes (we're still moving), rip pages out of magazines and cause general mischief.

Then he got some new blocks and we uncovered some books he hasn't ever read. Now he couldn't care less about the other things and loves to dump the blocks out and wants to play with the books all the time.

Babies are like adults. They want variety and excitement in their life. By rotating the toys they play with, even if its the same five toys, you can keep their play fresh. And, as an extra bonus, it helps them grow and learn much better than if they played with one toy for a long while and never really gravitated towards something else.

So every few days or so, bring out something that your baby hasn't played with in a while. See if that cures some of their boredom.

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