Saturday, January 06, 2007

Day 320 - Give a Gift Made By Your Baby

Today's first time parenting tip - Have your baby paint some heart magnets and give them to family members for Valentine's Day

It's right around Valentine's Day, and grandparents are probably going to use this time as an excuse to shower your baby with more gifts. It's about time your baby gave something back! Here's a fun idea my wife came up with that gets the baby involved and everyone will love.

Heart Magnets

What You'll Need
Two dozen small wooden hearts - pick them up at a craft store
3 jars of non-toxic paint (any color works)
Two dozen small, dime sized magnets

What to Do
Divide the hearts up into three groups.

Strip your baby down to his diaper and put him in the bathub.

Squirt a one of the colors onto his hands and let him go crazy on the wooden hearts.

Wash out the tub and him, and repeat, using a different color on each heart. Take pictures throughout the whole thing.

After your baby goes to bed, supergle the magnets to the back of the hearts.

Wrap them up with a picture of him 'painting' and give them as gifts from him. Everyone in our families thought they were a hit!

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