Thursday, March 09, 2006

Day 17 - It's Bath Time!

Today's Tip - Bathe your infant once every two days until they start crawling.

Before babies start moving around, they really can't get that dirty. They'll still sweat, come in contact with dirt on you and on the floor during tummy time. A bath every other day should be sufficient, and be sure to keep their bottoms clean every time you change a diaper.

To bathe your child, start with the eyes, wiping away from the nose with clean sections of a washcloth, no soap. Then, wipe the face and outside of the ears. The insides should clean themselves naturally. Soap up his scalp, and then move down to the torso, neck, arms and hands. Be sure to tilt his head back, get under his armpits, behind his ears and in all the little folds. Wash his back, then legs. Then, soap up his bottom and front, and rinse him off.

Don't worry if he seems to hate his bath. Some babies do, and some infants love it from the beginning.



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