Friday, May 12, 2006

Day 81 - Imitation

Today's Tip - To get your baby to do something, show him how

My wife and I were reading What to Expect the First Year, and we noticed that our baby should be able to laugh. He smiles tons and is an extremely happy baby, but he doesn't make much noise when it comes to squealing in delight or laughing. Then, we realized that we smile and play with him a lot, but we don't really laugh out loud around him. Which explains why he hasn't yet. We haven't shown him how.

When it comes to learning things he can imitate, he'll copy you exactly. He smiles with his mouth wide open rather than having an ear-to-ear grin, because that's how we end up smiling at him, with out mouths open. If you want him to learn to clap or sign or laugh, do it around him often so that he can pick it up.

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