Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Day 107 - Make it Fun

Today's Tip - Make exploration and everything fun for your baby

I'm a big believer that the environment you're raised in determines your personality and outlook on life, so I try to make everything my son does fun and exciting. Everything from diaper changes, to singing, to being bounced up and down, and even sneezing. I never thought I'd see a kid with such a huge grin after sneezing or coughing, but he loves it because we smile and laugh at all his little accomplishments.

I also have a co-worker that made taking medicine fun for her little girl. Now whenever she sees the syringe with medicine in it she gets super excited. I think if you take this type of attitude right from the beginning and apply it to everything, your kids will pick up on it and soon everything becomes an adventure and something they enjoy doing. I'm hoping it works with mowing the lawn and scooping up dog poop, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

Plus, there's plenty of time to be serious later in life. Why not make the mundane, tedious and sometimes uncomfortable a big laugh?

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