Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 131 - Weaning an infant off the breast

Today’s Tip – If you’re trying to wean an infant onto a bottle, enlist Dad’s help

If you’re a breastfeeding mom headed back to work or if breastfeeding is just taking a lot out of you (it’s ok to formula feed…contrary to what some breastfeeding purists might say) and you need to get your baby off your chest and onto a bottle, look to Dad to help with that transition.

Your baby associates your smell, sound and sight as a source of food right now. So if the mom tries to give a bottle, the baby might be having none of it – he wants the good stuff. But if Dad does it, the baby might be more likely to take to the bottle. Once he’s comfortable eating from a bottle, try swapping between mom and dad to see what happens.

Be patient with your baby as he learns the new eating procedure. If someone all of a sudden told you to eat your hamburger through a straw rather than off a plate, you probably wouldn’t be too happy either.

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