Saturday, June 24, 2006

Day 124 - Ask for Help

Today's Tip - Don't be afraid to ask for help, even from total strangers

Babies don't come with manuals. It'd be a lot easier if they did. There is one nice thing about babies. You probably know at least 50 people who have had one before. Your parents, your grandparents, your boss, the guy you run into every morning when you drop your kid off at day care. They've all gone through what you're going through. Tap them for knowledge. You might as sure beats guessing.

And if you can't bring yourself to get advice from it anonymously. There are links on the right side of this blog to great parenting resources, and you can always turn to everyone's favorite search engine, Google.

There are also online communities like Minti where there are lots of people wading through this experience with lots of knowledge to share. You can be as anonymous as you like, and there's a lot of great information out there on this "internet" thing. Really, I'm surprised this fad has stuck around. ;)

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Anonymous Clay Cook - Minti said...

thanks for mentioning Minti :)
glad you like the site so much!
Clay Cook
Minti CEO and Co-Founder

1:33 PM  

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