Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 125 - Try, try again

Today's Tip - Keep trying with the solid foods

If my son's reaction to solid foods is any indication, he'd be on a liquid diet from now until the day dentures required him to suck food out of a straw anyway. But the important thing to remember is, you have to teach your baby everything. If he doesn't get that he has to open his mouth to get food, or if he scrunches up his face at rice cereal, keep trying and don't give up easy.

It takes 5-10 tries of introducing a new food to a child before they begin to take to it, and this applies whether its their first solid food or the carrots you give them later on. Just remember to be patient, and check out these tips and have fun with it, even if your baby can't seem to get the hang of it.

You'll be rewarded the first time he opens his mouth and swallows his food without making a sour face. Our son started opening up like a baby bird when we gave him the spoon tonight, but he still seems to be put off by the taste. Maybe he'll like his fruits and veggies better.

And its also important to remember that while its OK to try night after night, don't force the issue if they get fussy. Try feeding them until they start crying or acting annoyed. It won't help to shove the food at them and it'll cause more stress for you and the baby.

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Blogger cyber_rigger said...

Try the old standby, mashed bananas.

Try to remove/scrape the little peeling strings because they can taste bitter.

Try different temperatures.
Try ripe vs green.

7:59 PM  

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