Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 153 - Baby Shades

Today's Tip - Get tinted glass or baby shades to protect your baby in the car

On long car rides, it's important to protect your baby from the sun. Since you're probably headed in one direction for a long time the sun will shine on the same spot on your car for a long time as well. And if that's on your baby, you need to take steps to protect him.

Tinting the glass in your car is an expensive, but is your best bet. It'll cover all the angles of the sun and significantly reduce the brightness of the light streaming in. Make sure that the tinting you get will block UV rays as well. Otherwise it's kind of useless.

You can also buy car shades that'll hang in your windows and block the sun. Unfortunately, I've found these obstruct my view of traffic, and they don't really cover that much of an area on the window.

And there are shades that either come on the car seat or will attach to it. These offer the most coverage, and they won't block your view of the road. Plus they're nowhere near as expensive as the tinting. But there are still some angles that won't be covered by the shade.

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