Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Day 170 - Give Everything a Name

Today's First Time Parenting Tip - Give everything a name to help your baby learn associations

Instead of saying "Do you want this?", or "What's that"? Start ditching the pronouns and start using the nouns. It'll help your baby learn word associations and expand their vocab, even at this young of an age. And when you're whipping out those adjectives, use lots of different ones, for the same reason.

When I'm feeding my son dinner, I use lots of things to describe what he's eating. Words like, good, delicious, succulent, delish, delectable, etc. My wife looks at me like I'm insane but he seems to enjoy it. And it makes it easier to have a running commentary, so you don't feel like you're contantly repeating yourself.

My son loves to sit outside and watch cars and trucks go by. We think it's one of the first words we can get a response out of him. My mom says "Want to go look at some trucks?" and his head whips over to the window that looks out over the road. Not quite the same as the whirlwind that starts when we ask my dog if she wants to go outside, but pretty exciting nonetheless.

So next time you're talking to your baby, say the names of things, and start asking him where things are. He might just surprise you one day.

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