Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 173 - His Own Special Meal

Today's First Time Parenting Tip - Feed your baby his own mealtime until he can self-feed

I was watching "The Incredibles" the other day and Elasta-girl was feeding Jack-Jack at the table while she ate and the rest of the family ate. I guess it would take a super-hero to accomplish wife and I can barely eat by ourselves with the baby at the table. He's always grabbing for our food and our glasses.

Give him his own seperate meal, at least until he can feed himself. He'll get more of the food he needs and you'll be able to focus more on teaching him to eat rather than trying to scarf your own meal before it gets cold.

In the mean time, do include him in adult meals. Give him his own seat, some finger foods if he's able, and some baby-safe utensils and dishes of his own to fool with. Include him in the conversation, and he'll get used to the activity of sitting down and eating with mom and dad.

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