Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 190 - Slow down, son!

Today's first time parenting tip - Consider organic foods if your baby is off the charts for height and weight

Our son, simply put, is an absolute monster. At 6 months, he was 29 inches tall and 20 lbs...which is crazy big. My co-worker has a 14 month old that's smaller than him. I don't know what it is that we're feeding him, but it sure is working.

Babies at this age need a diet that's high in fat and rich in vitamins and minerals. And boy, is he getting them. But regular foods could have more steroids or growth hormones in the foods, which then transfers to the person eating them, and causes them to shoot up like a beanstalk.

This could be why kids always seem bigger and develop earlier these days. All our foods are shot full of additives and steroids to make them grow bigger. Makes sense that as we eat more of these steroid riddled foods, we get bigger too.

If your pediatrician is concerned that your baby is too big, you might want to try organic foods. They're more natural, and will still give your baby all the nutrients they need. And they'll help your baby not look like a mini-arnold. Never give your baby less food or attempt to put them on any kind of diet that your pediatrician doesn't recommend. You'll be doing more harm than good.

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Anonymous Much More Than A Mom said...

Have you read Kevin Trudeau's book - www.naturalcures.com


12:31 PM  
Blogger Classic Jef said...

no, I haven't! But maybe I should check it out.

7:49 PM  

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